Seiffert Group

Whereas  small   molecules  have  prolonged  our  lives, large  molecules  have  made  it  comfortable.  This statement is particularly true when we look at polymer networks. They are 'infinite molecules' that find use in a  plethora of applications  that suit  for comfort of  living: in hygiene products, in  automobile industry, and in bio-medicine.

Our  group's scientific focus has long  been to fundamentally understand the fascinating (and quite complex) interplay  of the  microscopic structure, the manifold dynamics, and  the resulting rich  properties of polymer networs and gels — driven mostly by curiosity, but also in view of materials development.

Since a  few years, we are shifting our focus to particularly account for one of the biggest threats of our time: the climate crisis. It is now our goal to develop polymer-network and gel materials that help for adaption to a soon considerabily more hostile climate. A partiuclar focus in this context is on well-structured hydrogels for water desalination and purification.